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About The Catholic Directory

CatholicDirectory.com is a free website for finding, reviewing, and connecting with Catholic churches, organizations, resources, and businesses. 

The founders are Don & Judy Schreiner who created the directory in year 2000. Their mission "to provide a safe website for parishioners looking to connect with churches and find Mass, ensuring God’s grace may touch the heart of every man and of every woman and lead them to him."  Don and Judy continue maintaining the directory to date and rely on financial support of donations and business advertisers.

Why an online Catholic Directory? Often it can be be difficult for parishioners to find reliable accurate information on the Internet about churches, Mass, schools, and other Catholic organizations. "What is the web address of our church? Is there a special Mass time this week?"  Because the directory is highly ranked in the search engines, it is often the first and/or best link found connecting people directly to a church. The purpose of the online Catholic Directory and companion smart phone Apps is to help parishioners find reliable information and easily connect them with Catholic churches and organizations.

Always free to Catholic churches, organizations, and parishioners!

The online directory and Mass times smart phone apps are always free of charge to parishioners. Anyone can sign-up and join the Parishioner Club or visit their App store to get our Catholic Directory Mass Times App.

Churches and Catholic organizations can also sign-up free of charge as administrators to maintain their listings. They will find features and online publishing tools that other directory websites normally charge a fee.

Advertisers will be seen on the directory and are also linked to our companion CatholicBusiness.com directory website. These advertisers help us offset the cost of maintaining the directory and smart phone apps. Please patronize and thank these sponsors should you get the opportunity.

If you have any questions, need assistance, or would just like to chat, please use our contact form or call 877-834-3238. Thanks for learning about the Catholic Directory and may God bless you!

Yours in Service and Gratitude,

-Don & Judy Schreiner

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